w-hosting provides hosting capacity for many open source projects. Many websites and web applications of these projects are hosted by w-hosting on servers located in Germany. Along to hosting capacities w-hosting also provides mail servers for communication and database servers for storing data.


Some of the projects supported from w-hosting are ProjectExchange a platform for sharing projects and apps, StudyOffline an open source PWA and web application to download and study flashcards as well as LibreDoc a small documentation software for intranets.

In addition to these projects, there are many others in which w-hosting is involved.


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Hosting and other products such as databases and e-mail are becoming more and more important in terms of security. To ensure the best possible security, common exploits are blocked by default on websites hosted by w-hosting. Furthermore, through the implementation of 8tech SHIELD brute force attacks are blocked and WordPress instances are protected.


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